Five Benefits Of A House Extension

The interior house extension undergoing construction.

A house extension – the top five benefits you can expect.


#1. You won’t have to relocate.

To start, with a house extension you won’t have to leave the house you love. People frequently relocate for a variety of reasons, one of which being a lack of space in their existing home, a house extension can solve that problem.


#2 Your home will gain value as a result. 

An addition a house extension has the potential to significantly raise the value of the property in addition to providing some much-needed additional living or working space.

Of course, the location in which you live, the kind of property you own, and the extension’s quality and finish all affect how much value you can add to your house.


#3 Add as much space as you need.

You can add exactly the amount of space you need with an extension, which is a great feature. 

Maybe you want to make your kitchen bigger so you can cook and eat there in comfort. Or perhaps you simply require additional living space or want a spare bedroom? 

You might want to add more than one or two rooms if you are having trouble accommodating a growing family.


#4 Planning Permission Isn’t Always Required

The fact that planning permission is not always necessary is one of the main advantages of a home addition. You won’t need to submit a planning permission application if your house extension plans are allowed by permitted development rights


#5 Designed To Your Tastes

Last but not least, a house extension can be designed to meet your exact requirements. Perhaps you have a view that you have always wanted to make the most of, and now you can have a beautiful master suite with a balcony that overlooks it. 

Maybe you want to add some modern flair to your period home with a contemporary, contrasting extension, or you have a view that you have always wanted to make the most of.


What we can offer you.

We are experts in home extensions. All building work is carried out by experienced professionals that leave no stone unturned when it comes to providing a quality finish.

If you are looking to add more space to your home in 2023, it is time to give your property the Hewitt&Carr treatment it deserves.


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