HCA Commercial Process

If you’ve not worked with Hewitt and Carr before we would like to give you a brief
introduction to our commercial process for developing and delivering your idea into reality.
Hopefully this will help guide your thoughts prior to us making an initial free consultation visit.

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Dave Deakin
Dave Deakin
Mark C
Billie C
Dave Deakin

What We Offer You

Hewitt&Carr Architects is a single point of contact for clients and contractors that provides
project specific services tailored to each client’s requirements. These may be grouped
together within single contracts or specified as separate appointments.

An initial consultation is free of charge, and helps to identify your needs and objectives,
to form a project brief. This helps establish project feasibility early on, as well as any potential
constraints, key requirements, and time scales.

Across all our services we strive to produce work of the highest standard by utilising a range of
tools to form a project brief. This helps establish project feasibility early on, as well as any potential
modern presentation techniques and up to date computer software.



What We Can Do For You.

Whether you’re looking to extend an existing space, create a new build from scratch, make
alterations to your current structure, or refurbish an older property, we have the expertise to
bring your vision to life.

No matter the scope or complexity of your project, we are dedicated to providing personalised,
client-focused service and delivering outstanding architectural solutions tailored to your


Q. What is your experience designing corporate headquarters and commercial buildings?

A. We have extensive experience in commercial design having worked with clients such as Nissan, Wrights and Creston Home Automation. See our portfolio for other commercial projects.

Q. Can you walk me through your typical design process from initial concept to completed construction??

A. You can find our simple eight stage design process at the top of this page which should answer your question.

Q. How do you incorporate the client's needs and vision into the design??

A. We do this by simply asking you relevant questions and more to the point listening to your answers. This helps us gain the insight we need to deliver the result you want.

Q. Do you have experience with getting required permits/approvals?

A.  We have vast experience with permits/approvals as we have our own in house Town Planning department.