HCA Residential Process

If you’ve not worked with Hewitt and Carr before we would like to give you a brief introduction to our process for developing and delivering your idea into reality.
Hopefully this will help guide your thoughts prior to us making an initial free consultation visit.

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Dave Deakin
Mark C
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HCA – What We Offer

Hewitt&Carr Architects extensive experience in residential projects – from small domestic extensions and bespoke houses to large refurbishment and internal alteration projects.

We specialise in all residential areas delivering high quality services and expertise that meets the demands of the discerning homeowner and developer.

Hewitt&Carr can offer a service that is guaranteed to meet your needs.

Contact us to arrange a free, helpful  no obligation consultation and together we can add value to existing property or new home.


HCA – What We Can Do For You?

Whether you’re looking to extend your existing space, create a new build from scratch, make alterations
to your current
structure, or refurbish an older property, we have the expertise to bring your vision to life.

No matter the scope or complexity of your project, we are dedicated to providing personalised,
client-focused service and delivering outstanding architectural solutions tailored to your aspirations.


Q. Can I extend my garage without planning permission?

A. Yes but your garage extension cannot be more than half the area of land that is around the “original house”.

Q. How high can a ground floor garage extension be without planning permission?

A. It cannot be higher than 4m.

Q. Can I build an extension right up to your boundary?

A. Yes. The Party Wall Act permits you to build up to or astride the line of junction/boundary with your neighbour, but the correct notices must be served and the correct process followed.

Q. How is a house alteration different from a house extension?

A.  A house alteration involves making changes to the existing structure of a house without significantly increasing its size, such as remodelling a room or changing the layout.

A house extension involves adding additional space to a house, such as building an extra room, a garage, or a second floor. An extension typically involves expanding the existing footprint of the house and may require planning permission and building regulations approval.