Conversion of Domestic Garage

Natalie was first approached to design this conversion in 2009 when working for her previous employer. Small spaces are always interesting to work with when the client has a specific brief. Our challenge was to fit all the required accommodation in a pre-determined footprint.An interesting concept emerged because although we had a limited footprint we had ample volume. We began to form a series of levels which meant that we could utilise the area in a clever way. The existing entry level was already located three steps higher than the main floor level. We located the main living spaces at the lowest level and the bathroom at the same level as the entry. This allowed us utilise the void below the floor to securely store the bed and bedding when not in use. We also utilised the lower level for the kitchen to maximise the height for storage. A clever mix of material choices and new openings meant we were able to ensure that the spaces benefitted from ample light and an airy feel.

When it came to construction Hewitt&Carr worked closely with the construction team to ensure the highest level of finish and that the key details were worked through. The end project was a stunningly beautiful yet bijou living annexe in an otherwise underutilised space.

Customer: Private
Place: Longsdon
Local Authority: Staffordshire Moorlands District Council
Project Value: Not Disclosed