Why We Should Treasure Historic Buildings

A historic building that has been restored to safe working order.

Historic Buildings A link to our past


Old buildings (Historic Buildings) are an intrinsic and tangible link to the past.  They shape our built environment and contribute a unique sense of character or community.  

The older a building is, the rarer it is likely to be, and the more likely to exhibit the special architectural and historic interest that warrants the “protected” status that listing entails.  

However, age is not the only factor when a building is considered for listing.  

Perhaps it is associated with something or somebody of note, has a special place within a community, or is just particularly unique.  

According to Historic England, there are approximately half a million listed buildings currently registered.  Of these, only 2.5% are Grade I, 5.8% are Grade II*, with the remainder being Grade II.  

Each local authority will also likely have a number of “locally listed” buildings and conservation areas, which aim to protect the special character of a particular community.  

All will be afforded some level of regulatory protection. 


 Why is it important to protect Historic Buildings?

Our architectural heritage must be carefully managed in order to maintain its value for future generations.  

Old buildings differ substantially from their modern-day equivalents, being built with different materials, using different methods, to very different standards.  

However, in these energy conscious times, the renovation and re-use of these buildings has far less environmental impact than the demolition and construction of new build developments.  

Difficult but not impossible…

Finding new uses for these buildings and knowing how best to modernise them to current standards, without impacting heritage significance, is a very difficult and much debated topic.  

There’s rarely a one size fits all solution, and it’s important for anyone dealing with historic buildings to consult their local conservation officer and/or a heritage specialist before undertaking any works.  

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