New Early Years Facility

At Carmountside Hewitt&Carr were approached to help provide a much needed facility in a more than worthy location. Architecture can be so rewarding especially when you are helping to mould the adults of the future.The school were looking to replace an old temporary building, which was in need of significant repair, with a new temporary building when Hewitt&Carr proposed that a new purpose built permanent structure would add so much more value and be so much more cost effective. We worked through the entire scheme from initial ideas to planning and final construction. The building was designed to have a more residential feel to it as it was to be located on a community piece of land that backed onto an established residential area.

The external works on the project were as important as the building itself provide the children not only a stimulating building but a landscape full of different textures, levels and surfaces to play on. We included planters and purpose built sandboxes whilst retaining a small parking area and a large community garden beyond.

Customer: Carmountside Primary Academy
Place: Stoke-on-Trent
Local Authority: Stoke-on-Trent City Council
Project Value: Not Disclosed