person typing with a cat sitting on their lap.

Another day at the office?  Time to go home yet?  Do you remember how proud you were when you landed that great job at that great Architectural Practice?

And now?  Well … Your works O.K., your colleagues are pretty nice most of the time and the office parties are getting fewer and far between?

Of course you’re keeping your eyes open (for job opportunities and on the clock in the bottom right corner of your screen.)  You’re still very ambitious, you obviously want something else.  You’re looking for more energy, both in yourself and in the practice you work for.  That’s great, especially if you are an Architect with great communication and organisational skills.  Because that is what we’re looking for.

If you’ve read this and thought “this is for me”; If you know you NEED to join this young, vibrant, growing business then take out your smart phone and email us at with your current CV and a small selection of your recent work to make an appointment.

Don’t wait any longer – this is your opportunity so go ahead and grab it.

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